Strategic Plan

Community Needs

Ohio Township is a growing area, increasing in population by 14% between the 2000 and 2010 census. Predominantly white, the area is relatively affluent and educated. This population growth and affluence has created an environment with great opportunities. As the community develops, the library would like to be a key player in that development.

From gathering community information and analyzing how the library is currently being used, the Long Range Planning committee has identified the following four community needs for Ohio Township:

  • Space that is conducive to life-long learning and community gathering
  • Staff that utilize available training to have the skills to provide the best customer service possible
  • Off-site services and outreach
  • A brand that clearly communicates the library’s role in the community

Assessment of Current Services

The Newburgh Chandler Public Library is a three branch system serving the Ohio Township, which includes the towns of Newburgh and Chandler, in Warrick County. The library is funded by a mill levy on property taxes in the service area. The library is governed by a seven-member board. Two members are appointed by the Warrick County Commissioners, two by the Warrick County Council and three by the Warrick County School Corporation.

In 2013, the library’s annual budget was $2,038,213. Over 12% of this was used to provide collection materials to the community. The remaining budget was used to provide exceptional library services, including programming, inter-library loan, computer use, wifi and educated staff. The library had 280,688 visitors in 2013. These visitors checked out 463,114 materials. Over 10,000 of these were electronic resources, a growing section of the collection. Trained librarians answered over 50,000 reference questions from the community, to assist in finding materials and answering questions. Out of a population of 37,749, 35% are registered borrowers. The library serves an additional 2,419 borrowers who live outside of the library’s service area.

The library provided 1,139 programs in 2013, with 25,648 people attending them. There were 14,600 public computer uses and 90,691 wireless internet uses. Overall, while circulation and registered borrowers stayed fairly steady, dropping just slightly from the last few years (approximately a 5% decrease in the last three years), program attendance and computer use has risen. As the needs of the community shift, the library has shifted its resources and what it offers to meet these demands.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Provide spaces conducive to life-long learning and community gathering

  • Create more spaces for play in the Children’s area
  • Remove shelving frame in the Children’s area of the Bell Road library
  • Provide a hardwood toy kitchen set
  • Add shelving to make puppets and other toys more accessible
  • Condense the collection and remove clutter in the Children’s area at the Chandler branch
  • Rearrange and add shelving in the Children’s area at the Newburgh branch
  • Organize picture books in categories so children and parents can more easily find what they would like to read
  • The Bell Road branch Technical Services and Children’s department will work together to create a strategy to change labeling and cataloging information
  • Once a plan has been configured the staff will implement this categorization change in the Bell Road branch
  • Feedback from patrons will be collected
  • If successful, the plan will be implemented in the Newburgh and Chandler branches
  • Provide more shelving to expand the Bell Road branch’s Adult collection
  • Convert the café into a space that is used more frequently by patrons
  • Explore options for reconfiguring the space so that is more useful
  • Provide spaces for collaborative work
  • Explore building improvements at the Chandler branch or look at other possible locations

Goal 2: Provide staff with learning opportunities to provide our patrons with the best possible service

  • Have all staff do training on creating a customer focused organization
  • Encourage staff to train in areas that are commonly asked about by patrons and to market the resources we have available
  • Provide training on databases available to our patrons
  • Encourage staff to use their “happy hour” to explore ereading devices and tablets
  • All staff should be able to assist patrons with using the online catalog
  • Provide opportunity for teamwork amongst departments
  • Assign a portion of all staff training day for a team building exercise
  • Allow for cross-training in different departments
  • Provide iPads to reference staff and encourage getting out from behind the desk and interacting with patrons in the stacks

Goal 3: Provide more off-site services and outreach to the community

  • Have the Director speak to community organizations and promote the library throughout the community
  • Increase parent education and early literacy programs both in the library and in the community
  • Offer Every Child Ready to Read workshops to local daycare providers, pre-school teachers and Headstart
  • Reach out to community organizations such as Warrick Education Center, WIC, and Tri-Cap to provide Every Child Ready to Read storytimes
  • Provide a monthly program for parents and their children that provides stations that stress literacy skills and being ready to read for school
  • Add tip sheets to our Grab&Go bags for parents

Goal 4: Create a rebranding and marketing plan for the library

  • Partner with local colleges to create a market segmentation analysis
  • Conduct community surveys and focus groups to explore the current brand or image the library has in the community
  • Create a new brand and logo based on the research
  • Create a strategic plan and a marketing plan based on the new brand
  • Update web presence to reflect the new brand

Financial Resources

2015 Financial Resources


This plan will be evaluated on a yearly basis. The progress towards the library’s goals will be analyzed and a new budget reflecting the current year will be added.

Approved October 2014