Job Opportunities

Full-Time Maintenance
Bell Road Library

Week 1 & 2: Monday – Thursday, 1 -10 pm
Friday 9 am – 6 pm, off Sunday

Week 3: Monday-Thursday, 1 – 10 pm
Friday off, Saturday 9 am -6 pm, off Sunday
$9.00 per hour

Benefits include:
Health Insurance
Paid Retirement
Paid vacation–14 days per year
Paid sick leave 12 days per year
Paid personal—2 days per year

Full-Time Finance & Human Resource Manager

Candidates interested in this position should send an email to the director, Trista Smith.

Monday– Friday 8 am—5 pm
$19.00 per hour

Benefits include:
Health Insurance
Paid Retirement
Paid vacation–14 days per year
Paid sick leave 12 days per year
Paid personal—2 days per year

Title: Finance and Human Resource Manager
Class: E Paraprofessional
Reports to: Director
Status: Salaried Non-exempt

Essential Functions:

  • Help to ensure our customers, staff and community receive the best experience possible at the library
  • Prepare and administer the library budget and all financial transactions
  • Compile financial reports for the Board, the State and the administration
  • Oversee purchases for supplies, materials, furniture and other items
  • Provide Human Resource services for all staff
  • Process payroll
  • Oversee compliance with records retention
  • Assist the Director with Board meeting preparation
  • Hire, train, supervise and evaluate the Office Assistant
  • Assist customers with using library resources
  • Maintain a cooperative and communicative relationship with other branches, staff and department heads
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for staff development
  • Be an active member of the Administrative Team
  • Participate in conferences, webinars and other learning opportunities in order to stay abreast of library trends
  • Promote good communication and positive thoughts and actions for patrons, staff and the community

Skills and Abilities

  • Provide prompt, attentive and friendly customer service, in-person and by phone
  • Represent the organization well in all interactions with staff and the community
  • Seek and respond to feedback from customers and staff to improve services
  • Willingness to go out of his/her way to help customers
  • Cooperate and work together with all co-workers
  • Plan and complete job duties with minimal supervisory direction
  • Collaborate with and support coworkers by helping out where needed
  • Complete work on time and with the proper quality
  • Support cross-training and share learning with others
  • Communicate ideas and thoughts clearly, accurately and respectfully
  • Listen to others and seek to understand others’ perspectives
  • Willingness to take on new challenges and responsibilities
  • Open to change and variety within the workplace
  • Recommend and implement changes to improve processes and customer service
  • Be a strong public ambassador for the library
  • Proficiency in using computers and related software
  • Experience with library management system software, including cataloging systems and public interface systems

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s in Accounting or equivalent education
  • Experience in Human Resources
  • Library experience preferred
  • Must obtain the appropriate level of state certification within the Indiana State Library Guidelines

Physical Requirements

  • Attending events and programs outside the library
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Sitting, standing, walking, climbing, stooping, kneeling, crouching
  • Use hands and fingers to handle books, paper, and technology
  • Speak and listen to others
  • See and read
  • Lift and move up to 25 pounds
  • Reasonable accommodations will be made as needed on an individual’s capabilities

If you are interested in a position in this organization, an application form is available at any NCPL circulation desk or it can be printed here.